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Assembly Instructions

Your stand will arrive disassembled and flat-packed. The acrylic pieces have a protective film on them. You can remove most of the film at the start but it’s best to leave one side on the top plate and minifig plate while you put the LEGO studs in.

Step 1: Remove protective film from parts.

  • You can use a LEGO brick separator or plastic points card to get the film started.
  • Leave the film on one side of the minifig plate and the top plate.
  • For the minifig plate and top plate remove the film from the side with the lettering engraved.

Step 2: Press LEGO studs into top plate and minifigure plate.

  • Find the side of the top plate with the engraved lettering and countersunk centre hole.
  • The LEGO studs go in this side of the plate.
  • Grab a 1 x 1 round brick or similar from your collection to help with pressing in the studs.
  • Place the round brick on top of one of the clear studs.
  • Line up the stud with the oblong hole and use a rolling/pivoting motion to press in the stud.

Step 2: Attach top plate to support.

  • Place a hex nut into the top slot of the support component.
  • Hold the nut in place.
  • Place the top plate on the support, aligning the tabs and slots.
  • Insert the screw and tighten.
  • ! Please don’t over-tighten as the acrylic is brittle. Just enough so the top plate doesn’t wobble. !

Step 3: Attach the base to the support.

  • This process is the same as for the top plate.
  • Make sure the countersunk hole faces the bottom so the screw head will be recessed.

Step 5: Attach LEGO model.

  • The stand assembly is complete.
  • You may need to add some LEGO pieces to make the connection.
  • You can use the stand with other models in your collection if you wish. You may have to add your own parts to build the connection.
  • You can attach the stand to the underside of your model.

  • Also attach the minifigures to their plate.